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empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise

empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise

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DDIntel - Inflation Theft and Crypto Troubles

Anh Dang Trung is an expert in data science and app development. A contributor to DDI from the very beginning, Anh's areas of expertise include writing, app development, data science, leadership development and organisational growth. As a Data Scientist, Anh …


DDIntel - One Lucky Investor and how Crypto Changes The World - Top DDI Stories this week

Anthony Watson is a long time coder, cryptocurrency expert and genuinely nice guy. Anthony is an author of many books within the crypto space and beyond. He is an expert in Blockchain and technology, helping clients understand the cryptocurrency space and the…


DDIntel - Why Bitcoin Will Never Go Green and How the Metaverse Will Change the World - Stories on DDI this Week

Virtual Reality and even Augmented Reality is the future of retail and entertainment. Although many of us are reluctant to put these clunky devices on our faces, VR and AR are the future. It will change how we view the world and will shape our interactions wi…


DDIntel - Our Obsession With Billionaires and Wealth Problems - Biggest Stories on DDI This Week

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are all the rage nowadays. There are countless different online currencies, from Dogecoin to Shibu. But what does this all mean? How could a coin based on Elon Musk's dog be worth any money? How can I invest in a dogecoin? Well, …


DDIntel - From Bitcoin to Smart Investment, the Best on DDI This Week

Bigger is not always better. In terms of housing, that is unquestionably the case. There are multiple benefits to downsizing your property or house. Check out Marc Guberti's article highlighting five perks to reducing your home. It is a great read!Downsizing …


DDIntel - From Elon Musk's Work-Life Balance to the Origin of Life, the Best on DDI This Week

Welcome to this week's DDIntel. In this week's issue, we cover the latest insight regarding the popular show Squid Game and how the Netflix phenom can teach us lessons about our lives, the issues surrounding gender inequality in the workplace, and how corpora…


DDIntel - From emerging markets to crypto myths, the best stories in tech this week

Any kind of investment is a bubble, from stocks to cryptocurrency. It is important to understand these bubbles so that you can make educated investments. Cryptocurrency always has and still is considered a hocus pocus currency rather than a real one. But this…


DDIntel - Bubbles and Crashes

From a broad perspective, it’s easy to view the history of markets as a story of bubbles and crashes. Recently, Michael Burry - the famous investor who has been immortalized in the blockbuster movie The Big Short - came out to say that we are in the “Greatest…


DDIntel - Launching DDIChat Services

DDIChat has released its very first web interface which allows individuals to make chat bookings with domain experts in an expanding array of categories. This release has enabled only text-chat sessions. In a few weeks, we will put in audio/visual and a range…


DDIntel Sunday- Machine Learning Demystified

The rise of machine learning (ML) in the worlds of finance and business has been well documented, reaching the point where even the most casually interested laymen can tell you that firms are adopting these new technologies to grow and produce more efficientl…


DDIntel - Opportunity Zones

If 2020 was the year of people being forced online, 2021 has been the year of voluntary adoption in the world of technology. Niche specializations such as cryptocurrency and AI are becoming increasingly mainstream, resulting in massive shifts in the marketpla…


DDIntel - Complexity is Profitable


DDIntel - Digital Tsunami


DDIntel - Developing Sound Intuition


DDIntel - We Resist Solving Problems We Create


DDIntel March 3, 2021


DDIntel March 2, 2021

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