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empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise

empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise

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DDIntel - A Deep Dive into Inflation

In 1996, the Boskin Commission was tasked with saving the US government $1 trillion over 10 years. The commission recognized that if CPI, the US government’s preferred measure of inflation, was lowered by around 1%, then the government could save massively on…


DDIntel - Powell’s Soft Landing, The Smart Graph, and Fat Tails

Will the Fed engineer a soft landing? Perhaps the most important economic question facing our time, economists are in wide disagreement as to whether or not the Fed can avoid a recession or worse stagflation, especially given that Q1 US GDP numbers were negat…


DDIntel - Musical NFTs, The Coming Correction, and Intelligence Explosions

Did you know that Kanye West only got 22% of royalties for his 6th album Yeezus? In general, musicians and artists only get a fraction of the value they create. NFTs are a perfect way for artists to reach fans directly and get a bigger cut of the profits.Not …


DDIntel - Hegemonic Power in the East, Sustainable Use of Blockchain and The “Goblin Mode”

Simon Constable is an expert in applied economics, making economics simple and policy goals workable for his clients. He is a fellow at the prestigious John Hopkins Institute of Applied Economics, and a regular contributor at Forbes, WSJ, and DataDrivenInvest…


DDIntel - Democratic Norms, Web3 Tech, and Investment Tips for Young People

Corinne Davis is a research economist studying social science and politics. Having graduated with a master's degree in international business and environmental management, Corinne has a vast range of experience in business, economics, and the environment.She …


DDIntel - Celebrating Women in the Workplace and Beyond

Emily MacLeod is a thought leader and Mars Venus Coach for high achievers. She mentors individuals, motivating them to achieve their goals and ambitions.With a career spanning over twenty years in events, business, and technology, she supports her clients wit…


DDIntel - Ideology at War, Space Tourism, and the Decline of Neoliberalism

Derek Notman is a financial expert and advisor. He is a FinTech CEO and has his own finance service platform online. After years in the finance industry helping his clientele, Derek has become a successful expert in this area. Derek can help you with wealth m…


DDIntel - War in Europe, Market Impact and Obsession with Conflict

Asel Siriwardena is a deep learning researcher who recently graduated from the University of Westminster. He previously worked as a software engineer at a stockbroker and is heavily involved in a vision research project.Asel is also adept in programming langu…


DDIntel - Play to Earn, Digital Currency Expansion and the Economics of Physics

Tendai Tomu is the co-founder of Blockwood Capital, a Blockchain advisory investment firm. Blockwood capital focuses on cryptocurrency growth and adoption. Tendai is an expert in the Blockchain sector. He can help your business incorporate blockchain. You can…


DDIntel - Big Data, NFTs and Getting Results

Jerry Hu is an ex-Facebook, ML lead. He has a vast range of experience working in tech companies like Facebook and Fintech startups. Jerry has expertise in implementing ML and big data pipelines into your business. You can chat with Jerry about coding and sof…


DDIntel - Acquisitions, Brain Drain and How to Snowball Assets

Yasi is a marketing professional with over ten years of experience working in the field! She helps businesses grow using expert marketing strategies. On the side, she works as an independent consultant, helping entrepreneurs validate business models. You can …


DDIntel - Leadership in the Digital Age

We have added a few new and requested features to the new DDIMario (promo link below):Refer a Mario and Earn Passive Income in DDINs - See your DDIN balance grow when other Mario's create tasks and complete tasks.Multiple Entries functionality enabled - Creat…


DDIntel - Pandemic, Remote Working, and Collective Intelligence

Nita Jan is an independent researcher who focuses on using gut health to promote her clients' well-being. Some of her research looks at chronic disease, microbiomes, and longevity. She is an expert in looking at how microbiomes impact gut health and how diet …


DDIntel - The Power of Writing, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship

Barbara Grassey is an established author and in-demand speaker. Barbara has ghostwritten over sixty books, courses and manuals over the last 15 years and therefore is an expert in using books for branding and marketing purposes. Likewise, Barbara is a special…


DDIntel - Geopolitics, Market Outlook, and Human Behavior

DocJulien is an experienced scientist in drug development and molecular imaging. He specializes in using molecular probes to detect cancer and treatment efficacy assessment. DocJulien's research interests also include using mAb and ADC as a treatment against …


DDIntel - Cybercrimes, Gene Therapy, and Financial Freedom

Cynthia White is the co-founder of three successful startup companies and a former investment banker. She specializes in bringing products to market and can help with product expansion. Cynthia has a successful track record of growing businesses. Cynthia can …


DDIntel - Blockchain's Impact on Entertainment and Inequality

The sustainable future and Blockchain go hand in hand. Deepa Ramachandra is an expert in blockchain technology and uses it for social good. She is an expert in the sustainable uses of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, writing on both Medium and DataDrivenInvesto…


DDIntel - Crypto Market Cycles

Audrey Nesbitt is a world-class marketing leader in blockchain and DeFi technology. She is also a writer, entrepreneur, restauranteur and the CMO of a non-profit foundation known as Cryptochicks.Audrey can help you with cryptocurrency and blockchain as well a…


DDIntel - NFT's Impact on Games and Entertainment

We would like to bring your attention to our next tool - DDImario - aiming at solving a huge problem in getting natural, online engagement to an otherwise scarcely visited website, article, or anything you wish visitors to go to. How DDImario helps: (for webs…


DDIntel - Inflation Theft and Crypto Troubles

Anh Dang Trung is an expert in data science and app development. A contributor to DDI from the very beginning, Anh's areas of expertise include writing, app development, data science, leadership development and organisational growth. As a Data Scientist, Anh …