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DDIntel - Blockchain's Impact on Entertainment and Inequality

DDIntel - Blockchain's Impact on Entertainment and Inequality
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #20 • View online
Blockchain will change how we see and view the world. Over the last year, the Metaverse has gradually become more mainstream with the emergence of Meta (otherwise known as Facebook) and other Metaverse technologies, such as HTC’s new NFT transaction platform. 
We are thus seeing the emergence of fully digital worlds that will change what we thought we knew about our world. In terms of gaming, there are new Metaverses on the horizon, such as Illuvium, which looks to shake up the industry by introducing an RPG-like experience realized online with embedded NFTs. The Blockchain makes these metaverse style worlds possible; its transparent, secure, and accountable nature ensures these games can run safely online. 
Similarly, the power of the Blockchain has the potential to end poverty and revolutionize social media due to its decentralized nature. The Blockchain can help lift the most deprived out of poverty by opening up previously inaccessible markets and allowing anyone to invest. Likewise, it can change how we view social media due to putting power back in the hands of its users. As a result, the blockchain will change more than just games but lives across the world.
This issue of DDintel will cover all of this and more. Other topics highlighted include inflation, social media marketing, SEO, and boosting productivity through sleep. We hope you enjoy this issue of DDIntel. If you liked our content, make sure to subscribe and follow our medium and DataDrivenInvestor.

Expert Highlight
Deepa Ramachandra - DDIChat
The sustainable future and Blockchain go hand in hand. Deepa Ramachandra is an expert in blockchain technology and uses it for social good. She is an expert in the sustainable uses of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, writing on both Medium and
Deepa can help you understand Blockchain’s notable applications in combating climate change, IoT / data science, and improving social good. Likewise, if you want to implement Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, she will certainly take your project to the next level. You can book a DDIChat session with her today by clicking this link
Learn The Basics or Jump Right In? | by Scott H. Young | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Learning skills is important for career progression. But is it the be-all and end-all for getting that particular role? Should you spend a lot of time building up your skills and background knowledge before practicing the craft and applying for the position? Likewise, how much time should you spend honing the skill? In his article above, Scott provides the answers to these questions. He applies logical reasoning and cognitive skill acquisition to help answer these questions. It is a great read and worth checking out if you are starting a new job.
Illuvium: The Most Promising NFT Metaverse Game So Far | by Maximilian Perkmann | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
There are several different Metaverse games on the market, such as The Sandbox and Decentraland. These games are striving and have created a metaverse to some extent. The Metaverse is a fully immersive digital world that fosters an online community. Games such as The Sandbox have made a Metaverse through their community and online currency. Illuvium is another Metaverse style game that has considerable promise. Maximilian Perkmann highlights in his article above why Illuvium is currently the best Metaverse game on the market. It is an open-world game similar to Skyrim, which contains NFTs. As a result, it is bound to be great.
The U.S. Is About to Wake Up a Generation on How Money Works | by Tim Denning | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Inflation is skyrocketing, with the U.S. hitting an inflation rate of 6.8%, the highest in 39 years. In his insightful article, Tim Denning outlines why the U.S. has managed to hit such a high inflation rate and what you can do to combat it. He argues that changing your job, rethinking your investment portfolio and talking with higher-ups about inflation may help resolve the problem. He also argues that the U.S. should print more money to help deal with the situation. Inflation is a key topic of conversation; it will only get more prominent as the COVID 19 pandemic rages on.
How to Market Your Business With Instagram | by Matthew Prince | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
To successfully market your business nowadays, you have to be using social media correctly. There are many social media platforms, each with unique functionality. Thus, you have to be a master at all of them to have an effective marketing strategy. Instagram is just one of these platforms that you must get good at to promote your business. Although it is an odd platform in terms of functionality, it can be an effective tool if utilized correctly. Matthew Prince highlights above how you can use Instagram to market your business. He offers in-depth advice on how to use the platform.
How Helping Employees Get Good Sleep Makes Your Business Better | by Megan Holstein | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
We have all heard the phrase “the early bird catches the worm”; well, he only catches the worm if he’s had enough sleep. Sleep is very important for a productive day - too little sleep, and you feel like a zombie and too much sleep you feel so energized you can’t focus. Thus, the right amount of sleep is crucial to ensure a productive workday. Megan Holstein explains in her article why helping employees get better sleep will make your business better. She outlines that employees getting sleep boosts their productivity. The article also highlights how your company can prioritize your employees’ sleep.
The Biggest SEO Myths People Wildly Throw Around | by Toni Koraza | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
SEO is a fundamental writing tool that you need to understand to elevate your writing. Properly understanding SEO will boost organic traffic to your website and project. Toni Koraza outlines why mastering SEO is not as easy as you think. He debunks the biggest SEO myths on the internet and what you can do to boost your SEO. It is an insightful read that will help you increase organic traffic to your website, blog or project.
Decentralization Is The Future of Social Media | DataDrivenInvestor
One of the main benefits of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized, which means it is not controlled by one central authority such as a bank. We should expect to see platforms that adopt Blockchain become more decentralized in the future. It is already happening within the gaming space, with Duelist King adopting decentralized game mechanics. It is also likely to happen to social media. Agustinus Theodorus explains in his article why social media platforms will eventually become decentralized, removing virtual overlords.
How Blockchain and Other Technologies End Poverty? | DataDrivenInvestor
Blockchain and other technologies can help end poverty. Blockchains decentralization mechanics can improve access to global markets and remove barriers to investment. Similarly, other technologies are helping to end poverty by improving education and farming. Deepa Ramachandra highlights how poverty is being beat by Blockchain and new technologies in her insightful article above.
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