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DDIntel - Crypto Market Cycles

DDIntel - Crypto Market Cycles
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Bitcoin and other currencies have seen incredible lows this week, with the digital currency trailing below $51,000, which has come as a surprise due to its huge highs earlier this month. We are beginning to see Bitcoin shake, which may ring alarm bells for those who have invested a significant amount of money into the currency. However, not all hope is lost.
Richard Knight dives into how to maximize your returns while minimizing your risks by explaining the four cycles of the cryptocurrency market. Similarly, Desiree Peralta also gives her latest analysis of the digital currency market, describing how she sees crypto as a far better investment than stocks. 
Although stocks might not be as great of an asset, there are still some good ones you can invest in. Tom Handy gives his lowdown of the five best stocks you can invest in this December while our other experts share their own opinions on the stock market. Furthermore, DDintel also looks at the housing market, with one of our experts outlining how to invest in it right now. 
Housing, stocks and cryptocurrency have been great investments toward the end of 2021. As we move into 2022, uncertainties, mass behavior shifts, and how real and virtual markets intertwine will certainly fuel our daily learning with constant streams of intellectual shocks. Our goal is to get you ahead of the game with crowd-sourced intelligence, education, and applications.

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Audrey Nesbitt - DDIChat
Audrey Nesbitt is a world-class marketing leader in blockchain and DeFi technology. She is also a writer, entrepreneur, restauranteur and the CMO of a non-profit foundation known as Cryptochicks.
Audrey can help you with cryptocurrency and blockchain as well as digital and content marketing. She is an expert in marketing blockchain and crypto technologies, working on many business development strategies and forming collaborative partnerships. If you need help with marketing and crypto technologies, Audrey has you covered. Audrey also states she can help with aggressive marketing strategies, so if you want to bring the heat to the competition and make them fearful of your newfound marketing campaigns, then book a DDIChat session with Audrey today.
The 4 Phases of a Crypto Market Cycle | by Richard Knight | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Over the last few weeks, the crypto world has been up down and all over the place. Last month, Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies Cardano and Ethereum saw market highs. This week, the crypto world crashed, with most currencies falling in value. Bitcoin’s value slumped to below $51,000, and other coins like Cardano saw all-time market lows. However, this is expected due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. In his article above, Richard Knight outlines the four phases of the crypto market cycle, which will help you manage your return and risk, when dealing with crypto.
Common? Preferred? Founder? Making Sense Of Startup Shares | DataDrivenInvestor
There are two types of stocks, preferred and common. Common stocks are those used by everyone, including founders of companies, while preferred are stocks used by investors. In his article above, Amit Garg outlines how to make sense of startup shares and the difference between preferred and common stocks. He explains using examples how preferred, and common stocks apply to business. 
The Gap Pull-Back Trading Strategy. | by Sofien Kaabar | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
It’s often difficult to discover, test, and implement outstanding trading strategies. As more get in on trading, strategies will need more refinement to stay effective. Sofien Kaabar outlines in his article above the gap pull back trading strategy. He outlines the trading strategy in detail, highlighting how to create it while briefly introducing it. If you want to improve your trading strategy, this is a great article to get you started. The pull back strategy is a great way to get good returns on your trades.
Why I Don’t Care About A Stock Market Crash | by Marc Guberti | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
We’ve seen the crypto market crash, but what about the stock market? For many, a stock market crash would be a nightmare. However, a stock market crash might not be that bad if you stick to your guns. Marc Guberti highlights in his interesting article above why a stock market crash doesn’t scare him. He explains that patience and waiting it out combined with a crash presenting new buying opportunities makes a stock market crash a lot less scary. He also explains that the alternative of keeping your money in the bank will diminish purchasing power due to inflation. It is a great read for the financially savvy.
Why Cryptocurrencies are a Better Investment than Stocks | by Desiree Peralta | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Although the huge drop in coin value has shaken the crypto world, it is still a worthy investment. Some even argue that it is a better investment than stocks. In her insightful article above, Desiree Peralta outlines why crypto is a far better investment than stocks. She highlights that due to the historical returns and staking/farming, the returns are far better than dividends in terms of financial return. Furthermore, she also outlines that cryptocurrency is a better investment than stocks due to the need for less knowledge and market capitalization.
The 5 Best Stocks to Invest in December | by Tom Handy | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Due to rising inflation and major stockholders selling stocks on the market, many stocks are seeing upward trends. Thus, there are several stocks you need to invest in. Stock expert Tom Handy outlines the five best stocks you need to invest in December. He outlines that stocks such as Arista Networks, Inc. (ANET) and CF Industries Holdings, Inc (CF) are some of the best stocks you can invest in to see great returns. He also outlines that, as usual, the basic principles of investment never change. To find out more, give this article a read above.
Here is How Anyone can Invest in Real Estate | by geozee | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
The real estate market is one of the most valuable markets on the planet and one of the largest. We have all seen real estate moguls like Grant Cardone flaunt their real estate purchases on social media. Due to the constant need for real estate, the market has grown exponentially and will continue to grow in the future. Geozee explains in his latest article how to invest in the real estate market and where to start. He outlines four ways you can invest in real estate today, as well as providing a deep dive into the real estate market in general. For those interested in buying real estate, this is the article for you.
Ways to Teach Money Management for Kids | DataDrivenInvestor
Money is difficult to manage as an adult, let alone as a kid. It is important to teach children how to manage their money from a young age. Thus, managing finances is an important life skill that children should learn. Lyle Solomon outlines in his article above why it is important to teach money management to kids and how to teach children money lessons. He highlights the lessons needed to teach children and teenagers. It is an interesting read that will help you improve your children’s spending habits.
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