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DDIntel - From Bitcoin to Smart Investment, the Best on DDI This Week

DDIntel - From Bitcoin to Smart Investment, the Best on DDI This Week
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #13 • View online
Welcome to this week’s issue of DDIntel. In this week’s issue, we cover the latest developments in Bitcoin, with the cryptocurrency seeing a $20,000 increase nearing its goal of $100,000, how to avoid losing money in the stock market, and how to increase your wealth by changing your mindset. We also cover the perks in downsizing your house, how opportunity costs can benefit your business, and everything entrepreneurs need to know about uncapped and discount notes. Thus, this week’s tech roundup covers all the best investment tips, tricks, and advice alongside other interesting topics.

5 Perks Of Downsizing Your Home. Smaller is better for many reasons | by Marc Guberti | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Bigger is not always better. In terms of housing, that is unquestionably the case. There are multiple benefits to downsizing your property or house. Check out Marc Guberti’s article highlighting five perks to reducing your home. It is a great read!
Downsizing carries many benefits. However, people mainly drift away from this concept because a house is a status symbol. Effective marketing made many people attribute a prominent place to financial strength while viewing smaller homes as the complete opposite.
It Sucks to Still Be a Bitcoin Critic. The Market Proved Them All Wrong (As Expected). | by Tim Denning | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Recently, Bitcoin has seen a huge surge in market value, with investors buying up the famous cryptocurrency. Over the last couple of weeks, Bitcoin’s value has increased by over $20,000. Despite this, there are still critics of Bitcoin. Tim Denning discusses Bitcoins value increase in his latest article.
Saying bitcoin is a scam at this point is like saying the internet will get shut down. You look crazy. You look weirder than a doomsday prepper buying a trolly worth of can food for a nuclear war they say is ‘days away.’
How Smart Investors Avoid Losing Money in the Stock Market — Five Rules to Follow | by Sylvain Saurel | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Investing is easy; smart investing is hard. Every day we are bombarded by ads and marketing tools to make us invest in a certain stock or asset, but investing poorly in these assets could lose us money. Sylvain Saurel, in his article, discusses how smart investors avoid losing money. Check it out.
In a world where central banks are printing more and more fiat money out of thin air, you owe it to yourself to invest to protect the fruits of your labor from the ravages of monetary inflation. Unfortunately, too few people take action each year.
Imagine Your One Hour Is £500. If you want to increase your wealth… | by Fahri Karakas | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Imagine if your one hour was worth £500. Fahri Karakas gives readers an interesting insight in his latest article regarding how productive you could be if you changed your mindset: one hour was worth £500. Check out this interesting read.
If you want to increase your wealth, you should challenge your assumptions, habits, and mindset. You need to increase your self-confidence and self-worth by treating yourself seriously. You need to convince yourself that you are a top professional, and continuously upgrade your knowledge, skills, and habits to achieve the highest level of performance.
Uncapped Note? No Discount? Making Sense For Enterpreneurs | DataDrivenInvestor
If you are an entrepreneur, you have to check out this article by Amit Garg. He discusses the benefits and drawbacks of having a cap or discount for convertible notes in his article. It is a great read.
What is the right cap and discount for your convertible? Should you even have them at all? The latter used to be a very rare situation, now it is a commonly asked question. This article is to help entrepreneurs make sense.
A World of Tradeoffs: Consider your Opportunity Costs | DataDrivenInvestor
In business and economics, it is crucial opportunity costs are understood and acted upon so that the best logical decisions are made for growth. Opportunity costs represent the value of something lost when another action is taken. Mohammed Siddiqui outlines his unique perspectives in his article.
I didn’t expect to remember much from the Economics courses I took in university when I started my first job in a completely unrelated industry. However, from both firsthand experience and observation, I’m starting to understand the importance of opportunity costs and prioritizing what is important.
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