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DDIntel - From Elon Musk's Work-Life Balance to the Origin of Life, the Best on DDI This Week

DDIntel - From Elon Musk's Work-Life Balance to the Origin of Life, the Best on DDI This Week
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #12 • View online

Welcome to this week’s DDIntel. In this week’s issue, we cover the latest insight regarding the popular show Squid Game and how the Netflix phenom can teach us lessons about our lives, the issues surrounding gender inequality in the workplace, and how corporate structures are making workers resign.
We also cover how Elon Musk manages to balance his eighty-hour work week and how the origins of life might just be a simulation. As usual, the issue also covers the latest information in tech and finance, with one of our finance experts offering advice on signaling risk for small businesses and how they can manage large funds without damages. 
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It matters quite a lot! Look at what one of our Personal Finance Experts says to us today:
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Now let’s enjoy our selected articles for this week.
The Secret Behind Being Able to Work the Hours of Elon Musk While Not Burning Out | by Natalie Frank, Ph.D. | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Elon Musk is known for his ridiculous work ethic and steely determination as a businessman. But few know that Elon has to manage his work life and be a dad to several children. Something most of us would consider near impossible. Check out Natalie Frank’s brilliant article above, outlining how Elon manages to balance his work and family life. Just don’t expect to understand how he can launch rockets into space. We don’t even know how he does that.
Aliens, The Origin of Life, and The Simulation Argument | by The Moral Economist | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
What if Aliens created us, and our whole existence is a simulated reality. Thus, the origin of life is purely an alien simulation. Well, it is possible, according to The Moral Economist. Aliens may be pulling the strings behind human life; check out The Moral Economist’s gripping article above on the topic.
The Squid Game Obsession Explained and 6 Lessons From the Series | by Luay Rahil | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
The hit show Squid Game is one of the most popular Netflix shows of all time. Despite its popularity, Squid Game can teach us several useful lessons. Luay Rahil outlines six lessons we can learn from Squid Game and why the show is so popular in his article above. Check it out!
The Great Resignation: Why Millions Are Now Fed Up of Corporate Bullshit | by U-Ming Lee | Sep, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
We live in an age where millions quit their corporate jobs to either work for themselves or join smaller businesses. In his article above, U-Ming Lee passionately highlights why workers leave their corporate jobs and what business leaders can do to keep their workforces. Give it a read!
Signaling Risk? How Early Startups Can Work Best With Big Funds | DataDrivenInvestor
Signaling risk can be dangerous for small businesses if not handled correctly. Large funds, if used improperly, can end a business. Check out Amit Garg’s article above outlining signaling risk, how small businesses can manage large funds, and its consequences. 
Fintech Diversity Radar: Tracking Gender Equity Industry-Wide (and Globally) | DataDrivenInvestor
It is well known that diversity within a workplace leads to greater worker cohesion, culture, and productivity. However, gender equity is still a major issue within the tech industry. Dara Tarkowski talks to Entrepreneur and fintech influencer Angela Yore in her article above about how the Fintech Diversity Radar initiative is helping to improve inclusivity in the industry. Check it out!
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