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DDIntel - From emerging markets to crypto myths, the best stories in tech this week





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DDIntel - From emerging markets to crypto myths, the best stories in tech this week
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #11 • View online
DDintel brings you a weekly round-up of some of our best stories in finance, tech, and entrepreneurship.

Cryptocurrencies Are Considered a Bubble: From a Thoughtless Insult to a Gigantic Opportunity | by Nuno Fabiao | Sep, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Any kind of investment is a bubble, from stocks to cryptocurrency. It is important to understand these bubbles so that you can make educated investments. Cryptocurrency always has and still is considered a hocus pocus currency rather than a real one. But this doesn’t make it uninvestable. Nuno Fabiao outlines in his article how cryptocurrencies are bubbles much like other investment opportunities and must be understood to earn money.
Digital Health 2.0? The Next Generation Of Startup Business Models | DataDrivenInvestor
The global healthcare sector is constantly developing and expanding. With the rise of digital technology, we see the gradual emergence of new business models for start-up healthcare businesses. Amit Garg explains in his insightful article these business models in detail. As they always say, a business model a day keeps the competition at bay.
The No.1 Money Printer in the World | by Coffee Tea Investment | Sep, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
China is catching up with the US in many things nowadays, and no, we are not just talking about the Olympics. China has begun to print money nonstop, far outpacing the US as the No.1 money printer of the world. Check out Coffee Tea Investment’s article above, explaining how and why China is printing money so fast.
Sex, Tech and Money: The Rise (and Future) of Sextech | DataDrivenInvestor
What do you get if you combine sex, tech and money? You guessed it! Sex Tech! CEO of Healthy Pleasure Group Dominnique Karetsos discusses what’s new and exciting in sex tech in this article by Dara Tarkowski above.
Is There a Real U.S. Debt Ceiling? | by Andrew Zhu | Sep, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
You might be aware of the popular saying, “the bigger something is, the harder it falls” well, that saying can be applied to debt perfectly. The larger the debt, the harder the crash. As the US increases its debt ceiling, the chances of a crash become more likely. Have a read of Andrew Zhu’s article above, demonstrating how the US debt system works and the limitations of US debt size.
Top 6 Bitcoin Myths — Myth-busting Bitcoin | by Henrique Centieiro | Sep, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Say what you will about Bitcoin. The popular cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. Bitcoin is incredibly volatile as a currency, but that doesn’t stop it from being safe and legitimate. Check out Henrique Centieiro’s latest article above, outlining the myths of bitcoin that deserve to be busted. It’s a great read and sure to get you cryptocurrency skeptics investing in Bitcoin in no time. 
What Are the Inherent Benefits of Running A Family Business? | by Purdeep Sangha | Sep, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Many people don’t like having dinner with family, let alone run a business with them. Family-run businesses are a challenge to run and can put a strain on relationships. However, there are several benefits of running a family business. Purdeep Sangha explains these benefits further in his article above; give it a read!
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