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DDIntel - Launching DDIChat Services

DDIntel - Launching DDIChat Services
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #9 • View online

DDIChat - Marketplace for Expertise
DDIChat has released its very first web interface which allows individuals to make chat bookings with domain experts in an expanding array of categories.
This release has enabled only text-chat sessions. In a few weeks, we will put in audio/visual and a range of unexpected functions.
  • have a question or project and need some help? Find someone to chat with here.
  • want to sign up as an expert in something? Sign up here. If you are not already a DDI writer, you’ll need to provide more information about yourself and your work.
  • not seeing the field of your expertise? Suggest expertise coverage here.
'Portfolio Diversification... Avoid This Mistake!' by Jamie Bullock
'Portfolio Diversification... Avoid This Mistake!' by Jamie Bullock
Diversification Deep-Dive
Events in the last year fundamentally altered the way people manage their financial health, as shown in the dramatic increase in individual investors. By some estimates, retail investors now constitute around 30 percent of the market - a significant group in terms of, not only dollars but also population. 
Notably, the number of personal investor accounts across large brokerages now exceeds 100 million, marking a large uptick from the pre-pandemic levels. Investing has rapidly transformed from a game for the elite to a pursuit that is widely accessible by individuals
Portfolio Diversification… Avoid This Mistake! | by Jamie Bullock | Jun, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
While this boom has seen an extensive media coverage, one key development has been overlooked - an increase in the range of asset classes that became available for individuals to invest in. 
A diversified portfolio is commonly perceived to be safer, but what does it really mean? Some prefer spreading their investment across industries, while others diversify across countries and themes.
'A Lazy Man's Guide to Data Driven Investing' by Jason Huynh
'A Lazy Man's Guide to Data Driven Investing' by Jason Huynh
A Lazy Man’s Guide to Data Driven Investing | by Jason Huynh | May, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
When it comes to traditional stock investing almost all investors consider the data before buying in. Now, some are flipping the script. While the scientific method may recommend approaching statistics with an unbiased state of mind, some believe the best way to approach data is hypothesis-driven investing. 
Instead of searching for answers within the data, you should form hypotheses about individual companies and see if the statistics support your belief. To do so, make sure you design a watchlist that allows you to maximize profit.
Other DDI contributors are big believers in the real estate market, and they certainly aren’t alone. Institutional investors have begun buying larger quantities of single-family homes as investments, resulting in unprecedented consolidation.
So how can a newcomer evaluate the value of different properties? Perhaps by using three of the most common calculations used by real estate investors. If you still aren’t comfortable, real estate isn’t the only alternative sector for you to invest in. 
In the increasingly diverse crypto space, it’s become more important than ever to understand how one can compare the relative value of different coins. It’s important to consider a range of factors like asset design, supply, and distribution. 
Regardless of the space you choose, investing does not have to be a gamble. Intelligent strategy design will determine the magnitude of your return.
A Few Good Thoughts
In a world where customer-facing technologies are increasingly becoming a commodity, how can you set your business apart? When every competitor has a flashy modern website, how do customers choose? Perhaps it all comes down to one simple customer service choice.
Great Customer Experience Begins With a Quick and Easy Smile
Despite data science professionals being more in demand than ever, an increasing number are quitting their jobs. If you’re heading into the industry, make sure you understand how to avoid burning out. 
Why do data scientists quit their jobs so often? | by Natassha Selvaraj | Jun, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
In the last five years, perspectives on automation have dramatically shifted. Automation has gone from a science fiction bogeyman to an inevitable eventuality. The job market will be changed forever, but some suspect it may target different groups than those you’d initially believe.
AI Might Destroy C-Level Jobs Before Front-Liners. | by Thuwarakesh Murallie | Jun, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
DDI Member's Corner
Nothing much is found in the corner this week. If you have only submitted a link to your article, or your linkedin profile, it is pretty hard for us to say anything here.
Help us show something that will benefit our audience. If it is an article, say a few words on why our community should not miss it. If it is a service you would like to talk about, convince us why we should broadcast it. See it as a game we can all play and laugh about.
This will make DDIntel more useful, unpredictable, and collaborative!
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