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DDIntel - One Lucky Investor and how Crypto Changes The World - Top DDI Stories this week

DDIntel - One Lucky Investor and how Crypto Changes The World - Top DDI Stories this week
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #16 • View online
In this week’s DDIntel, Marc Guberti highlights why he is buying crypto instead of stocks, the staggering story of how an eight thousand cryptocurrency investment turned into $5.7 billion (yes, that’s possible) and how to become financially successful by understanding your personal finance. Likewise, Tim Denning highlights how Bitcoin can teach us lessons far beyond its value, and Ayodeji Awosika goes into detail about how to achieve your long term goals.
Moreover, this latest issue of DDI covers the fundamental ideas of risk-taking, and investing in economic downturns. We also look at the rise and growth of Nvidia as a PC hardware company. Nvidia is one of the biggest and most successful PC hardware manufacturers in the world. We can all learn lessons from Nvidia in how the company has managed to market itself during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result, make sure to check out this article in this latest issue.
Furthermore, this newsletter also covers the future of online payment systems, the potential of digital integration with low carbon technologies and the complexities of the game-theoretic model of the prisoner’s dilemma. Thus, we are not taking any prisoners with this latest issue of DDI. Give it a read and learn all you need to know about getting rich from crypto.
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Our Expert This Week
Anthony Watson is a long time coder, cryptocurrency expert and genuinely nice guy. Anthony is an author of many books within the crypto space and beyond. He is an expert in Blockchain and technology, helping clients understand the cryptocurrency space and the risks associated with crypto. Likewise, Anthony is a professional coder who can help you with coding, software/mobile development needs, and the economics of your business. 
He writes he is an understanding expert, and boy don’t you have to be with the complexities of cryptocurrency. Anthony is a fantastic expert and sure to help you with all your cryptocurrency woes. Book a DDIChat session with Anthony today by clicking the link below. 
Our Stories This Week
I’m Buying Crypto Instead Of Stocks | by Marc Guberti | Nov, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Bitcoin is experiencing a surge in value. The coin has just passed ATH 1-2 weeks ago and will soon hit the magic number of $100,000 per coin. However, many consider Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies too volatile and risky to invest in. Although this is a valid statement for any investment, too much fear is associated with cryptocurrency and non-tangible assets. Marc Guberti argues this point in his latest article above. He discusses why he is investing in crypto rather than stocks and how he sees cryptocurrency as not only a way to balance out his portfolio but a long high return investment. Give it a read above. 
The Most Important Lessons from a $100,00 per Bitcoin Price | by Tim Denning | Nov, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
It is easy to get distracted by Bitcoin’s potential $100,000 per coin estimation. The dream of owning such a valuable asset is glorious for many. However, many forget that Bitcoin is not just an asset but potentially a revolutionary currency. Its value comes from its economic worth, its potential impacts on the environment, and its revolutionary potential in global finance and economics. In his latest article, thought leader Tim Denning writes about how Bitcoin is more than just a currency and can change the world for the better. He outlines the most important lessons people have missed when discussing Bitcoin.
Four Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier About Personal Finance | by Matthew Prince | Nov, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Personal finance is often tricky to manage and to talk about. As humans, we get wrapped up in how to become financially successful. Success for many of us is about how much money you have and how wealthy you are. However, it is easy to make many mistakes along the way in terms of personal finance. Matthew Prince, in his latest article, outlines four important steps in becoming more financially successful. He concludes that to become economically successful, you need to know how much money you need to spend and save, your true cost of lifestyle, an understanding of needs and wants and knowledge of how your self worth is connected to your net worth. Check out this interesting read above.
The prisoner's dilemma is a classic scenario from economic game theory. This article explains the concept and explores real life applications. | DataDrivenInvestor
The prisoner’s dilemma is a game-theoretic model used by social scientists to predict how actors will act or why certain actors choose to act in a certain way. For example, political scientists use game theory to indicate why nation-states may not cooperate. In a nutshell, the model helps to explain why two actors may not cooperate due to a lack of communication and human nature. Ben, the Trader, explains how to apply the prisoner’s dilemma to real-life phenomena in his article above. He highlights how the game-theoretic model can be applied to the COP 26 climate change conference and even game shows.
A Simple Three-Step Process for Achieving Long-Term Goals | by Ayodeji Awosika | Nov, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Short term goals in life are hard to achieve, let alone long term life goals. Although long term goals are often difficult to implement and conceptualize, they are often achievable by looking at the long term implications of your actions. Ayodeji Awosika outlines in his article how long term goals are achievable by first winning the day, second by creating winning streaks of success and thirdly, building pillars in your life through healthy habits. If you have a long term dream that seems unachievable, check out this article above.
$8k to $5.7 billion ~ in less than a year | by Richard Knight | Nov, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know about Shibu Inu, a cryptocurrency that has seen extraordinary gains in value over the last couple of weeks. Shibu Unu is a meme cryptocurrency that saw a staggering 4,214,917% increase in its value. Writer Richard Knight’s latest article highlights how one lucky investment of $8000 in Shibu Inu turned into a $5.7 billion market valuation. Possibly the greatest investment of all time. He explains the story behind the acquisition and how the volatile nature of crypto can lead to fantastic returns and losses.
How Online Payment Gateway System Is Future Of Finance
The financial services industry has undergone a huge transformation over the last ten years. Finance has gradually evolved from cash-based transactions to online payments, contactless transactions, and online banking. Over the next year, online payment gateways will transform further with new technology and digital systems. In his insightful article, Ashok Sharma outlines how online payment gateways will continue to develop in 2021 and further into the future. Give this interesting article a read. It is sure to change how you see online payment systems.
Digitalization will change the Low Carbon Energy world | DataDrivenInvestor
Climate change is the single most important issue we face in the modern age. Greenhouse gas emissions have been a prominent cause of climate change and environmental degradation. However, there is hope. Digitization and digital growth could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by integrating low carbon energy sources. Mike Hassaballa outlines this in his article, highlighting how digitization can be combined with low carbon technologies to reduce greenhouse gases. Technology can push back climate change for the better. It is about time we adopt these technologies.
How to Invest When the Economy Is Bad | by Matthew Prince | Nov, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
For many, investing in economic downturns is scary. However, it doesn’t have to be if you follow a certain set of rules. When investing during financial crises, you must take your time when investing and do your research. Likewise, you must diversify and make sure not to sell early. Otherwise, you might lose your investments. If you do this, you will weather the storm of financial downturns. However, not following these rules and investing poorly and making rash financial decisions may end in tears. Matthew Prince, in his article, outlines this further. Explaining that you can invest when the economy is bad but only if you follow several practices.
Read This if You’re Scared to Pull the Trigger and Bet on Yourself | by Ayodeji Awosika | Nov, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Risk-taking can be the scariest thing you do, whether that means investing in stocks, your education or your family business. Taking a risk can result in huge returns or major losses. The potential loss deters many from taking risks. However, what we have to remember is that society itself is built off of people taking risks. Without risk-takers, our lives would be very different; Ayodeji Awosika outlines in his insightful article above the art of risk-taking, why you are scared of it and why you shouldn’t be in the long run. Ayodeji gives a lowdown of risk-taking and how taking a risk might catapult you to new heights. Check it out.
NVIDIA Grows and Grows and Grows — Market Mad House | by Daniel G. Jennings | Nov, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
PC gaming has never been more popular. Over the last two years, PC gaming hardware giant Nvidia has seen huge surges in value. It is now one of the more dominant hardware manufacturers in the PC space. Nvidia’s growth is partly down to the huge demand for GPU’s and the supply shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both factors have helped Nvidia push stock around the world. Daniel Jennings outlines in his article Nvidia’s incredible growth and why the company has seen such a large increase in value in such a short amount of time. If you are a PC gamer, check out this article. 
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