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DDIntel - Our Obsession With Billionaires and Wealth Problems - Biggest Stories on DDI This Week

DDIntel - Our Obsession With Billionaires and Wealth Problems - Biggest Stories on DDI This Week
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #14 • View online
This issue of DDIntel covers our latest happenings in tech and finance.
We talk about everything from social security programs to digital change and respect for the workplace in this issue. This issue covers why social programs in the US are often confused with socialism and why there needs to be governmental change on the subject. The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), how they are gradually taking over the cryptocurrency world, and why billionaires profiting from these currencies are often liked while others are not. This issue of DDIntel also covers the need to get back into the workplace and the many benefits it can bring, why organizations fail to embrace digital change, and several reasons why you don’t need the latest bit of tech on the market. Similarly, DDIntel also sheds light on why you never feel wealthy and what you can do to change your mindset towards wealth and money.
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Our Expert This Week
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are all the rage nowadays. There are countless different online currencies, from Dogecoin to Shibu. But what does this all mean? How could a coin based on Elon Musk’s dog be worth any money? How can I invest in a dogecoin? Well, thankfully, some experts know about investing in dog-related currency. One of these people is Dr.A. Parcerisas.
Adria Parcerisas, PhD - DDIChat
Dr.A. Parcerisas is an expert in Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency. Since 2015 Dr Parcerises work has centered around blockchain technology. He has written more than 500 articles about the subject and is an industry leader in the sector. Dr Parcerisas has helped projects disrupt the market with Blockchain and Crypto. Mr Parcerises is also an expert in Business intelligence, Data Science, Entrepreneurship, healthcare and science and technology.
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Experts - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency - DDIChat
Our Stories This Week
We Need to Stop Confusing Social Programs with Socialism | DataDrivenInvestor
In the US, social security and social programs are often confused with socialism. For decades now, social programs in country’s such as the United Kingdom have worked well with citizens paying tax for social security nets. But in the US, this is not the case. Private companies often control the rights to healthcare and social programs, subsided by governments. Tom Campenni outlines in his article that the US needs to stop believing social programs are socialist and start accepting that government-run social programs are possible with adequate taxation. Give it a read above!
Whats so nifty about NFTs? | DataDrivenInvestor
Non-fungible Tokens or NFT’s are the latest trends when it comes down to cryptocurrency. An NFT is a token that has ownership over a digital asset. NFT’s have become popular amongst the crypto community, with companies such as The Sandbox selling NFT’s through their online worlds. Likewise, some NFT’s have sold for millions of dollars. In discussion with Lamont Black, Dara Tarkowski outlines what an NFT is, why it has become so popular, and its legal and regulatory implications. If you are interested in cryptocurrency and want to buy your own NFT’s, you should check out Dara’s article.
The one thing that will determine whether people will buy into your idea or not. | by Magdalena Bibik | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
As Charles Dickens once said, “An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.” And, of course, he was right. Without action on an idea, it will never come to fruition. But acting on an idea requires people to buy into it in the first place. The idea itself might be sound, but making your target market buy into your concept might take a while. Magdalena Bibik’s argues this point in the article above, arguing that it is not the idea that will determine whether people buy into the concept but rather how much patience you have and how long you will wait for them to do so. Check out this interesting read above.
People Hate Billionaires but Love Elon Musk and Bill Gates. This Is Why. | by Sean Kernan | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Billionaires are often looked at as over rich individuals who accumulate money through huge profit margins at the expense of poorer folks. Although this might be true for many of them, the public seems to love billionaires such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Elon Musk and Bill Gates have built huge fortunes within their respective companies and have changed the world. But this isn’t the reason why people love them. Sean Kernan outlines in his article above that the way billionaires are framed in the media determines whether we love them or not. Sean relies on survey data to make his point. For those who love data science, this is the article for you.
Why organizations fail to embrace the digital change | by Flavio Aliberti | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
In a pre-Covid world, embracing digital change was not a must. However, during the pandemic and post-Covid, digital transformation has become key to keeping business afloat and realizing productivity and performance. Despite the potential opportunity of digital change, some companies are unwilling to embrace it due to seeing it as an IT chore. Flavio Aliberti outlines in his article that this perception of digital transformation being an IT chore is a mistake as it can bring huge benefits to a business in the long run. He outlines what these benefits are and how they can change business. Check out this interesting piece above.
You Don’t Need the Newest, Best Tech | by Megan Holstein | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
We all love the latest and greatest piece of technology. As Marx coined it, “commodity fetishism”, whereby we all want the latest, shiniest and most valued commodity, but we don’t need it, nor do we think of where it came from. Thus, we are programmed to want whatever the next “big thing” is. In her latest article, Megan Holstein outlines why we don’t need the newest technology and why the latest selection of tech is often overkill. She highlights how most people don’t even need most of the technology that these gadgets offer us. Before buying that expensive laptop or latest iPhone, consider reading this article; it might change your mind.
Why Having More Money Won’t Make You Feel Rich | by Charles Black M.D. | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Being rich and wealthy are two different things. If you are rich, you have a lot of money but being wealthy is just an idea and a concept. According to Charles Black M.D. in his article above, wealth is a nebulous idea. You will never truly filled satisfied with your wealth; this is because, as humans, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and face uncertainty/practicality issues with our daily lives. Charles also argues in his article what you can do to change your perceptions towards wealth. Check out this interesting article by Charles above. 
Its Time We Put Some Respect on “Work From Office” | by Cinto | Oct, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of us are used to working from home. It has become normal to wake up, have a bowl of cereal and then jump on the gravy train of work from the comfort of our homes. From an efficiency and time management standpoint, working from home has been a benefit. However, there are several reasons why working from home might not be benefiting us. Cinto, in his article above, outlines five reasons why we should all head back to the office. He argues that from a cultural perspective, the office is the best place to foster a sense of wellbeing and community, which gives us a sense of belonging and benefits our mental health. He also states how office work improves collaboration and career development. Give it a read!
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