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DDIntel - The Era of Remote Leadership, Authenticity, and Ideas

DDIntel - The Era of Remote Leadership, Authenticity, and Ideas
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #47 • View online

The world is moving toward a new era in which good qualities such as authenticity, fairness, and creative thinking are valued, appreciated, and sought after. This is especially true in positions of leadership, where one person must lead a team of highly intelligent and creative individuals. Leaders must now adapt to the people on their team as well as the new, remote way of working. This is perhaps the most difficult challenge that leaders today face while also maintaining their teams’ creativity, collaboration, and idea generation. The world we live in today was built on the ideas generated by people’s creativity. It gave us a better life and increased our happiness.
This week’s newsletter is chock-full of advice on how to deal with the challenges of our new world. It’s all about leadership, authenticity, and value creation.
Why Many Great Ideas Come To Nothing
Why Many Great Ideas Come To Nothing | DataDrivenInvestor
The world is run by ideas. If you think about it, everything that has ever been created originated in the mind of a single human being. The light bulb, the computer, the stock market, and even the automobile were once just ideas in someone’s head.
It could have stayed that way.
Every day, people’s minds are filled with all kinds of thoughts. On the inside, we are all entrepreneurs in some ways. What causes humanity to evolve is this entrepreneurial mindset and the courage to take action.
Action and consistency distinguish true entrepreneurs from those who just have some ideas. Building a profitable business usually takes years of hard work and determination. And many setbacks and failures along the way. That is why, after careful consideration, a true entrepreneur acts on his idea and works to build it up, one day at a time, with consistency.
There are, however, some cultures that encourage entrepreneurship, while others simply bully anyone who wants to break free from the employee mindset and build his or her own project. In this week’s spotlight article, you’ll learn how to think about your ideas and how to be aware of the culture you’re in, and how you might make the best use of that to achieve your goals.
Hardship during Childhood makes Champions
Hardship during childhood brings up champions | by Stefan Pircalabu | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
The majority of the time, life isn’t fair. Anyone who has had a difficult childhood is well aware of this. Growing up without a parent or in a poor family is a difficult experience for a child, and it shapes him for the rest of his life. However, as with anything, there is a silver lining that people who grew up in difficult circumstances should consider. They may be unaware that they have developed certain skills, mindsets, and soft skills as a result of everything they went through as children. Larry Ellison, Oprah Winfrey, and Howard Schultz are examples of people who had it hard and grew up to be rich and famous. This article will teach you how to take advantage of your difficult childhood and how to avoid certain things in life that could spell doom for you if left unchecked.
Success vs Happiness vs Good
Success vs Happiness vs Being a Good Person? | by Gil Mahesh | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Being successful in the eyes of society is not the same as being successful in your own eyes. This is a piece of truth that most people discover too late in life after they have already squandered most of their time working for things they don’t enjoy in order to accumulate wealth and social status, for people they don’t even care about. People who are obsessed with social success tend to walk all over the people in their lives in order to climb that ladder. They later realize they are completely alone because no one would stick with someone who behaves like that. But what if you could make money and be successful without trampling on people? What if you could make genuine connections while also getting wealthy? That is exactly what you will find out in this article!
Habits of Successful People
15 Habits To Get You In the Top 10% | by Destiny S. Harris | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Your habits shape who you are. They depict your life’s trajectory and can be used to accurately predict your future. That is why the most important skill in life is to adopt new habits that improve your life and eliminate those that make it worse. Every successful person, both financially and personally, has a set of good habits that helped them get there. Some people, such as Bill Gates, read for hours every day; others get up at 4:30 a.m. This article will teach you the most important habits you can adopt to improve your life and achieve your financial goals.
On Authentic Leadership
How to Become an Authentic Leader | DataDrivenInvestor
Being a true leader is not an easy task. Most people who become managers believe they are leaders solely because of their position. But that is not the case. Most managers are not leaders; they are simply people who are able to ask others to do work, but may have no leadership skills.
Empathy, care, and authenticity are required for true leadership. A leader sets good examples, and his/her actions are usually emulated by his or her team members.
When a leader lies, manipulates, or abuses power, team members tend to do the same. He will create an environment in which there is no team, only individuals who protect themselves from both the manager and other team members. Being a leader entails fortifying team bonds and cultivating an environment of trust and authenticity in which people can rely on one another. That will be impossible if the leader is not genuine. This article is for you if you are a leader looking to improve your authentic team behavior.
The Future of Work
Breaking the barriers to productive and creative collaborative work | by Tom Kehler | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, nearly all businesses have adopted remote and hybrid work. Nowadays, most professionals consider remote work to be their top priority when looking for work. This is because some of them spend a few hours each day in transit, which they could use to work on something they enjoy, relax, or spend time with family. There are also cost savings because employees are no longer spending as much money on gas, food, and drinks. So there are numerous benefits to working remotely. However, there are some drawbacks to remote work, such as reduced social interaction.
This is a significant issue because various forms of physical social interaction and communication generate ideas and innovations. Furthermore, when members are in the same room, learning and knowledge transfer are much faster. This article by Tom Kehler will provide you with all of the insights you need to get to the heart of how teams interact, as well as teach you about an AI agent that facilitates and predicts the outcomes of the collaboration. Any team leader should read this!
The Desire to Get Rich
Where Does The Desire To Get Rich Come From? | by Gil Mahesh | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Being and becoming wealthy is all a matter of mindset. Everyone who has become wealthy through hard work has done so by pursuing some goals or passions. They considered what they could do with the skills they already possessed or what they needed to learn in order to construct what they desired. They then took the risk of starting their own company. However, there are those who simply want to get rich without doing or learning anything that will assist them in doing so, and without taking the risks and effort that come with this endeavor. This article will tell you more about the two types of people mentioned, how they think, and what you can learn from them.
Flying Ideas
Flying Ideas. To exist is to be in motion. That’s why… | by William Barter | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Creative people are frequently anxious and filled with doubt. They have difficulty accepting their own accomplishments and being proud of their hard work. That is why they are always determined to outdo others in order to prove to themselves that they are valuable. Every day, their minds are filled with brilliant ideas, but they struggle to trust them because they struggle to trust themselves. This article is a call to those who have an idea they want to bring to life to believe in themselves and share their creativity with the rest of the world.
Crisis in Southeast Asia
How COVID-19 Is Triggering a Human Trafficking Crisis in Southeast Asia | by U-Ming Lee | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Humans are not naturally good. It takes a deeper spiritual understanding of ourselves and the world around us to become a good person. This can be seen in many great spiritual and non-spiritual figures around the world who preached about the importance of being good to your brothers and sisters in this world. Budha, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, and many others are among these figures. However, the majority of the world’s population has yet to reach a point where we can be more understanding and kind to one another. This is demonstrated by the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on Southeast Asia, as detailed in this article.
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