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empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise

empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise

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DDIntel - Gamechanging Tech and the Future of Business

New technologies are being built and old technologies improve every year. In only 40 years, since the invention of the Internet alongside digital computers, the face of the world changed dramatically. We are now more connected than ever, being able to communi…


DDIntel - Musk, Trump Dystopia, and Global Narratives

Elon Musk fired left and right after being forced to buy Twitter on October 27 this year, removing several top executives on the first day and then firing nearly 50% of the total Twitter "population." He almost appears to be irritated that he was forced to si…


DDIntel - Mental Models, Money, and Morons

Elon Musk announced a few months ago that he would purchase Twitter. Then he changed his mind, sadly after already signing a contract. He was now forced to buy the massive social media platform for the exorbitant price of US $44 billion dollars, after narrowl…


DDIntel - Corporate and Geopolitical Moves

A lot just happened last week in the world of tech, geopolitics and financial markets. Apple, Foxconn, and other hardware producers have moved from exploiting Chinese labor to exploiting Indian people. After all, we all know that the corporatist (to be read c…


DDIntel - Beyond IR 4.0 and Emotional AI

The last few decades have seen an almost exponential increase in science and technology innovations. Computers have taken over the world, with almost every person in modern countries possessing at least one computational device. In science, new materials are …


DDIntel - Your Last Chance with Crypto?

After a rough patch, the cryptocurrency market finally stabilized in the last month. This fall was influenced by a variety of factors. The chip shortage crisis came first, followed by the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine, and the cherry on top was Russia'…


DDIntel - Investing the Right Way

The dollar has gone crazy in the last month, reaching never-before-seen highs and outperforming the Euro in terms of value. This is clear evidence that people all over the world are attempting to secure their finances in what appears to be the safest market o…


DDIntel - Tech for Financial Decision Making

People who own the best tech and think the hardest on problems, see the furthest, and rule the world. This is true for countries as well as for businesses and individuals. Whether you are a businessman, a government official, or an individual investor, keepin…


DDIntel - The Age of Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Even if it appears that the world has gone insane and that everything is falling apart, there are many things that are going in the right direction. One of these things is the Green Revolution, which aims to create a sustainable world where everyone, from cor…


DDIntel - The Curse of September

The summer is officially gone now, and we are in the craziest month of finance. September has followed a historical trend of being an extremely volatile month since finance professionals are coming back from their holidays with their batteries well fueled. If…


DDIntel - We have a future, and it’s Tech

Fast delivery is no longer considered a luxury, but rather a necessity. Any client who has ever purchased something online wants to get their product as soon as possible. Plus, if the delivery fee is low or non-existent, that's even better. Online marketplace…


DDIntel - The Era of Remote Leadership, Authenticity, and Ideas

The world is moving toward a new era in which good qualities such as authenticity, fairness, and creative thinking are valued, appreciated, and sought after. This is especially true in positions of leadership, where one person must lead a team of highly intel…


DDIntel - Automation, Reverse Engineering, and the Swiss Way

Most technologies and productivity tools we grew accustomed to today were solidly in place before Covid-19 hit in 2020. They only became better known during the pandemic. People realized that at times of crisis, critical infrastructure enabled them to continu…


DDIntel - Military Conflict, Food Crisis, Inflation, and what you can do about them

It comes as no surprise that the ongoing war in Ukraine and tensions around Taiwan are affecting the whole world. How can a seemingly irrelevant country like Ukraine, or a small island such as Taiwan, cause global disruptions? The answer is in their economies…


DDIntel - Data is the fuel of future Marketing and the Web 3.0 Era

The world is still in an unpredictable zone right now and no one knows when better times are coming. This is clearly seen in the “Hold” status imposed by most Venture Capitals world-wide, due to this impeding unpredictability. The only thing we can do is to k…


DDIntel - Brain Inspired Computing, Riding the FemTech Wave, and Sorry Rich Guys

The human mind has inspired computing since its origins. But it wasn’t until the 1990s, and really the 2010s, that neural networks became powerful enough to process increasing amounts of data using increasingly powerful machines.The rise of graphics cards, pr…


DDIntel - Is Passive Investing a House of Cards?

Years of academic research all points to the same conclusion. The average investor can’t beat the market, so why even try? Why not invest in ETFs, close your eyes until retirement, and ignore the stress of timing the market?Yet simultaneously, there seems to …


DDIntel - The Market’s Game of Musical Chairs: Controversies in Gauge Theory and Economics

In many ways, the stock market’s movements can be thought of as a game of musical chairs. While the music is playing, everyone is having a good time, but when the music stops, well, someone is going to get caught with their pants down. As Warren Buffet likes …


DDIntel - Market Relocation in Progress

On January 4th, 2022, the S&P 500 peaked just over 4800. Back then, the VIX sat under 18. Bitcoin was trading above $45k, while crude oil was trading at ~$80/barrel. 1 US Dollar ($) was worth 115 Japanese Yen (¥). The 10 year US Treasury traded around 1.6…


DDIntel - Volatility, Yield, and Global Macro

You might think stocks go up or down, and that’s the end of the matter. Bears and bulls battle it out to determine market direction. But there’s another bear bull battle that is arguably more important for determining stock prices, and that’s volatility.Volat…