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DDIntel - Automation, Reverse Engineering, and the Swiss Way





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DDIntel - Automation, Reverse Engineering, and the Swiss Way
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #46 • View online

Most technologies and productivity tools we grew accustomed to today were solidly in place before Covid-19 hit in 2020. They only became better known during the pandemic. People realized that at times of crisis, critical infrastructure enabled them to continually make a living, and prevented economies from grinding to a halt.
Tech aside, though, what made countries prosper or fail over a long time usually include another set of factors, some of which may not be even obvious, to begin with.
Analyze Singapore, Ireland, and Switzerland, for example, and you will undoubtedly notice something in common. They all have a culture of hard work, perseverance, and self improvement. What is less obvious is how these countries embrace diversity and cooperation at a community level.
Without such positive factors, some countries, such as China, Cambodia, or North Korea, giving them the best technologies will likely take human suffering to a new high. Some of the recent news coming out from these countries are truly incredible and saddening. What determines a country’s long-term trajectory appears to include factors related to culture and institutional design.
This week’s DDIntel focuses on process building, wealth building, with a dose of historical and philosophical observations. You’ll learn about developmental strategies from one of the most successful countries. At a practical level, we covered technologies and tools that help grow your wealth on the stock market - using Python, the best programming language of all. You will learn about how to deal with uncertainty and how to easily beat inflation in the long run.
Turning Reverse Engineering of Business Goals into Strategies | by Tullio Siragusa | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Reverse engineering is primarily used in software or hardware development. It entails disassembling a software or hardware solution and determining how it works. Generally, it can be used in any process that can be split into multiple building blocks. So what if you could use this in your business? What if you could disassemble a business process, learn how it works, and even improve it? Tullio Siragusa shows you how to do this as well as how to use reverse engineering to build your business strategy.
How to Become Rich the Swiss Way: Applying Macroeconomics and Geopolitics to Your Life and Financial Strategy | DataDrivenInvestor
Switzerland is a prime example of how diversity in a stable economic environment can lead to wealth. Swiss products are known for their high quality, as demonstrated by the world’s most famous watch brand, Rolex. They also made a name for themselves during the war, when they took in people’s fortunes and kept them safe for a “small” fee. But Switzerland and Swiss people are more than that. We can learn a lot from them and put ourselves on the path to becoming wealthy. In this wonderful piece, you will learn what the Swiss did to become some of the world’s wealthiest people, and what lessons you can “steal” from them.
How Not To Be Dumb Money….Again. (Geo)Political & Market Cycles & Wall… | by Lester Golden | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Nobody wants to lose money in the stock market; that much is self-evident. Most people, however, do lose, and this is most likely due to their inability to predict where the market is going by ignoring historical trends. To make the best decisions, you must first understand how the stock market responds to geopolitics. The author has lived through great bubbles and crises and has firsthand knowledge of money loss. That is why he can best teach you how not to be a dumb money investor and keep you from picking loser stocks that will fail in the current market.
History and Modernity of Algorithmic Trading | DataDrivenInvestor
You might be surprised to learn that the stock market has a long, vintage history. It wasn’t always computers, automated stock exchanges, placing orders, and other modern mechanisms. The stock exchange took a long time to develop into what it is today. Knowing the history of the stock market is useful because, like everything else, it changes over time. Algorithmic Trading is one of the changes you should be aware of because it is quickly becoming the next big thing in terms of growing your money on the stock market. In this masterpiece, you’ll find the requirements you need to meet in order to do your own algorithmic trading, as well as a fascinating history of the stock market.
Visualizing Some Key Financial Metrics For Your Stocks | by Fábio Neves | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Reading through various websites to find out how a company is doing financially can be tiresome and frustrating. However, understanding and visualizing the financials is critical when deciding whether or not to invest in a stock. This is true for the company’s current financial data as well as its history. But what if there was a better way to do all of that, leveraging data and automating some of the due diligence? This article will teach you how to use Python to write a script that will display all of the financial data you may require on a single page.
3 ways to fight inflation and win the long game | by Luís Próspero | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
In the US and particularly in Europe, inflation is not likely to slow down any time soon. The percentage in the US is about 9.1%, but it is significantly worse in Europe. While the EU’s average inflation rate is 9.8% and growing, the United Kingdom has a rate of 10.1%. Knowing this, both regular people and investors need to be knowledgeable on how to combat inflation without idly losing their hard-earned money. From where to invest your money to how to secure your pension savings, this article will provide you with 3 key pointers on how to do this.
How To Handle Uncertainty. Wealth Inspiration part 42 | by Building Arks with Jason Clendenen | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Investors who follow the herd are unlikely to amass real wealth. Today, the consensus is that you should hold your investments until more “certain” times arrive. Financial news articles on financial websites are published multiple times per day, speculating on where the market will be in one month or one year. But that’s all it is: speculation; it won’t help you make better investment decisions. The best way to invest is to conduct your own due diligence and consider a company’s long-term potential while keeping the global situation in mind and where it may lead. No one can predict the future, but one can make informed decisions even in the face of uncertainty. That is exactly what this superbly written article will teach you.
What is the Biggest Barrier to Global Blockchain Adoption? | by Alexandre Lores | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Many people believe that blockchain will change the world. That it will liberate us from government control. Some even go so far as to say that Bitcoin is the new gold, despite the fact that it has plummeted in recent months due to general shifts in sentiments, wars, inflation, and rising global energy prices. All of these issues, however, can be resolved in the near future. However, there is one issue that requires much more attention if blockchain is to truly change the world. This article by Alexandre Lores explains what the problem is and offers two solutions.
China Economic Meltdown? Someone Already Told Us But I’ll Write It Again 165 Years Later. | by Chris Lopez | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Many historians believe that history is a circle in which we keep reliving periods that have already occurred multiple times in the past. This is the basis for the well-known adage, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” This is true for several reasons, the most important of which is human behavior. Human behavior is the same today as it was 1000 years ago. The environment may have changed, but people’s thoughts and actions remain unchanged. That is why, if you want to know where the world will go, all you have to do is study human behavior. This article will shed some light on how people think and why China is on its way to repeating a bad event in history.
An introduction to the Yahoo Finance Stocks API for retrieving simple stock information using Python | by Sayan Das | Aug, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Obtaining insights into how the stock market will evolve is no longer solely a human endeavor. You must now use data-driven software to increase the amount of information and insights you obtain prior to investing. If you ever want to create that type of software, you’ll need an API to retrieve stock market data on your favorite stocks. This article will give you an overview of the most important Python APIs for collecting stock market data, their advantages and disadvantages, and which one the author, Sayan Das, believes you should use. As an added bonus, you will receive all the code necessary to extract market data from it.
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