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DDIntel - Beyond IR 4.0 and Emotional AI

DDIntel - Beyond IR 4.0 and Emotional AI
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #54 • View online

The last few decades have seen an almost exponential increase in science and technology innovations. Computers have taken over the world, with almost every person in modern countries possessing at least one computational device. In science, new materials are being discovered and new innovations are built from ideas to products, creating more new devices and technologies every day, bringing us closer to each other and, in some cases, to the stars.
As you will see in the spotlight article of this week, some people believe that we are at the pinnacle of a new industrial revolution, the fourth of its kind. With the advancement of all things tech, artificial intelligence is getting incorporated even in industries where few believed was possible - such as psychological therapy.
In this week’s DDIntel, we are covering important trends in technology, that will bring the industry 4.0 revolution to the world. And it will surely change our lives and society. 
Spotlight: Beyond Industry 4.0
Beyond Industry 4.0, Digital Will Reshape Our Society | DataDrivenInvestor
The first industrial revolution started in the 18 century, with steam power and basic mechanization. Even if this technology was child’s play when compared to current technologies, this increased textile manufacturing by 8 times, created faster means of transportation (steam trains), and had a great impact on society.
The second revolution came with electricity and electronic automation. This revolution removed the human element from the most repetitive and simple tasks. It created automated manufacturing lines that greatly increased the production output in many areas.
The third industrial revolution happened around 1970, with computers being at the epicenter of it. More tasks were able to be automated than before, by software programs specially created to imitate human’s physical and mental capabilities. This also brought more connectivity to the world, with the invention of the Internet.
All 3 of these important industrial revolutions have some factors in common. The most important factor in each of the previous industrial revolutions is technological advancement, which bought with it reduced production and development costs and increased utility. Knowing what happened in the previous industrial revolutions helps us project a world brought to us by the next industrial revolution.
This week’s spotlight article, written by Flavio Aliberti, is all about Industry 4.0 and how it will impact our lives and the society we live in. Definitely a must-read for everyone interested in technology and the future.
Therapeutic Applications of AI
From the Mastery of Go to Therapeutic Applications: How Neural Networks Handle Human Emotions | DataDrivenInvestor
Some people believe that AI will never be able to closely resemble human beings since they have no feelings and can feel no emotions. Well, those people are in for a cold shower, since AI actually can enter the world of human emotions. AI agents started beating experts such as Kasparov at chess and Lee Se-dol at Go not long ago. Now, armed with the most advanced neural networks, those AI agents can understand human emotions. This can bring a great revolution in psychological therapy, and can greatly help people who are depressed or in need of counsel but cannot afford it. Read more about this in the great article by Norbert Biedrzycki on AI therapists!
The future of AI
Future of Artificial Intelligence | by Amit Chauhan | Oct, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
The artificial intelligence revolution is for sure happening in our lifetimes. We are right now experiencing history being made. With almost all industries adopting some kind of AI as part of their workflow, we can expect the research, development, and investments in this area to keep rising. The full extent of what AI technologies can bring to our lives and our society is very hard to imagine or predict. However, a few great personalities of our time have stated their opinions about AI as part of our future. Read all about it in this great article.
Teleportation — The Future of Communication
Teleportation — Why it is important for the future of communication | by Cornelius Schätz | Oct, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
What if you could instantly travel from one place to another, in the blink of an eye, getting from the US to your favorite place in Europe instantly? That’s how teleportation is usually viewed by the general population, since that’s how it was depicted in SF movies. However, the reality is quite different. Teleportation is already a real thing, and it’s used in communications. By making use of quantum properties such as the entanglement of particles, high amounts of data can be transferred instantly. Moreso, due to the fact that once observed, a particle changes its values, this means that it will also be impossible to intercept and “hack” that transmission. Read more about how teleportation is done today, in this great article written by a theoretical physicist.
Emotional Artificial Intelligence
Emotion AI: Can Machines Feel Emotions? No, But They Can Recognize Ours | DataDrivenInvestor
The research on artificial intelligence has skyrocketed in the past decade. It comes as no surprise that with this rise of AI, even more, difficult subjects, such as human emotions, will be approached by researchers. Both in academia and, more recently, in new companies, there is an increase in finding out how to teach machines to understand our feelings. This is important for several reasons: firstly, it could provide people in need with access to cheap AI therapists, and secondly, for our future AI companions, which will need to understand us so that they best serve us. Read more about this subject from the CEO of an Emotion AI company.
Metaverse and Gaming
The Metaverse — A Revolution In Gaming | DataDrivenInvestor
While the Metaverse has many useful applications, one of the first ways in which it will be used is in games. The fans of gaming will be thrilled to hear that new types of future games are being developed. Immersive gaming using the metaverse, which will make use of all of our senses will certainly be welcomed by all gamers. It will create worlds in which people can get lost exploring and staying in awe of what they see and feel. This future can be centralized, like in the case of the metaverse built by Meta, or decentralized using NFT blockchains and crypto. Find out more about the future of metagaming in this article.
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