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DDIntel - Cybercrimes, Gene Therapy, and Financial Freedom





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DDIntel - Cybercrimes, Gene Therapy, and Financial Freedom
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #21 • View online
Virtual globalization has expanded the internet and connected it to our lives. Over the last ten years, as the internet has become more prevalent within our social and financial affairs, we have become more susceptible to cyber-attacks and data breaches. As a result, the internet has made us more vulnerable than ever before. Across sectors, data breaches and online security issues are commonplace. 
More specifically, due to the covid-19 pandemic, cyber-attacks have seen a 600% increase across industries. Anything that can make the attackers money is on the table for cybercriminals, even our medical records. The health care industry has seen a 58% increase in cyberattacks, and it is likely to worsen in the future.
Similarly, developing markets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs are also being attacked, with criminals seeing these digital assets as lucrative opportunities. Yesterday alone, over three NFT projects were hacked, including the Solana NFT project Fractal, the victim of a malicious Discord attack, costing the project’s supporters over $100,000.
Likewise, hackers stole $1.5 million from NFT project Phantom Galaxies last month. As a result, cybercrime is everywhere, becoming more prevalent. This issue of DDIntel covers how to protect yourself against cybercrime and how the healthcare industry has been hit hard by cyber attacks, alongside other interesting topics.

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Cynthia Wylie - DDIChat
Cynthia White is the co-founder of three successful startup companies and a former investment banker. She specializes in bringing products to market and can help with product expansion. Cynthia has a successful track record of growing businesses.
Cynthia can help you grow your business and product by teaching you the art of pricing, how to get more with your money and relationship banking. Let her track record do the talking and book a DDI chat session today.
Why Are People Investing In Bitcoin And NFTs? | by Erik Brown | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Why are people investing in Bitcoin and NFTs? For many, it is simple; people love the next new thing and want to make money. However, according to Erik Brown, it is more complicated than that. Erik Brown explains in his superb article how the latest craze to invest in Bitcoin and NFTs can be defined by a Roman coin, baseball and personal lessons he has learnt. Curious? Check it out above.
Buy These Essentials Outright If You Want to Achieve Financial Freedom | by Marx D. | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Financial freedom is one of the keys to happiness. Often debt and money struggles are stressful and hold people back. Payment plans can strip your financial independence and give you money issues. Marx D outlines what essentials you need to pay off to achieve financial freedom in his insightful article above. He outlines that paying off your car, PC, cellphone, and other key essentials is crucial in realizing your financial freedom. Marx concludes that payment plans are bad news and should not be engaged. It is a great read. Make sure to check it out. 
New Gene Therapy May Reverse Effects of Sickle Cell Disease | by Natalie Frank, Ph.D. | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Sickle Cell Disease is a blood disorder that impacts millions globally. The disease causes red blood cells to misshape, leading to strokes and pain due to a lack of flexibility. A blood and bone marrow transplant is the only cure for the disease, available to a small number of people. However, a new gene therapy named Lentiglobin may help reverse the effects of the disease, providing a long-lasting cure for it. In her article above, Dr. Natalie Frank outlines this breakthrough in more detail. 
The Question That Everyone Is Asking Without Daring To Ask It — Can SHIBA INU Reach $1 One Day? | by Sylvain Saurel | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Shibu Inu exploded in October after billionaire Elon Musk put his support behind the cryptocurrency, leading to Shibu Inu hitting a market cap of $41 billion. Although the digital currency has seen an increase in value, will it ever hit that magic $1 price point? According to Sylvain Saurel, it never will. Sylvain explains why using mathematics to justify his argument. Thus unfortunately for Shibu Inu supporters, the coin may not hit the price point they were expecting. But again, how will we ever know what is possible?
Cybersecurity Threats Are Worse Than Ever — Here’s How We Stop Them | by Ari Joury | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Digital globalization has led to the proliferation of the internet. Nowadays, there is no single moment where we are not connected to the internet in some shape or form. As a result, we are more susceptible to cyber-attacks online, risking our security. The other day on the famous voice chat platform Discord, scammers stole millions from NFT collectors through discord hacks. Thus, cybersecurity threats are worse than ever. However, there are a few ways you can stop these attacks. Ari Joury explains in his insightful article what you can do to protect yourself from malicious cyber attacks. It is a superb piece that is sure to make you second guess if you are properly protected from cyber attacks.
Who Cares for Healthcare? Facing the Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges | DataDrivenInvestor
The financial sector is not the only sector facing cybersecurity issues. Healthcare is as well. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, cybercrime has increased by around 600%. Within healthcare alone, breaches in security increased by 58%. Likewise, 27,000 records of patients were sold by hackers and the UK’s national health service lost around $100 million to scammers. Thus, cybercrime is on the rise and is only likely to worsen within the healthcare industry. In her article above, Yeva Pilosyan summarizes why the healthcare sector is being hit so hard. 
What Is Uniswap & How to Earn Interest Income with It | by Stephen Dalton | Dec, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
Uniswap is another decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It is an exchange that cuts out the middle man, allowing users to trade Ethereum tokens directly, removing red tape. The platform also provides other services such as price discovery and liquidity sourcing. As a result, the platform is great for selling, buying and trading digital currency online. Stephen Dalton explains more about Uniswap in his latest article. He outlines information about the platform and how to earn interest and income with it. To improve your digital currency game, you should give this a read.
3 Reasons The SpaceX Starship Is a Good Investment | DataDrivenInvestor
Elon Musk revealed his SpaceX Starship around eight years ago. The Starship was the world’s first heavy-duty, fully reusable launcher for rockets. Due to its reusability, the rocket presents great market opportunities for investors. Dave Rauschenfels explains in his article three reasons why the SpaceX Starship is a good investment. He outlines that the Starship is worth investment due to low launch costs, hypersonic cargo transporting, and in-orbit spacecraft servicing.
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