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DDIntel - Mental Models, Money, and Morons

DDIntel - Mental Models, Money, and Morons
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #56 • View online

Elon Musk announced a few months ago that he would purchase Twitter. Then he changed his mind, sadly after already signing a contract. He was now forced to buy the massive social media platform for the exorbitant price of US $44 billion dollars, after narrowly avoiding a trial. That is more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of the majority of African countries. Now that the deal is complete, Musk has already fired four top executives and plans to fire half of the remaining employees. Of course, he is now implementing new policies, allowing everyone on the platform to have free speech. One thing is certain: Twitter will be an exciting social platform to follow in the near future.
In Europe, Russia’s economic decadence continues as the war in Ukraine rages on into the fall and, most likely, the winter. Even though Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claims that the Russian economy is “unstoppable,” the reality is quite different. The only thing Russia has done recently that is positive is to allow the “grain deal” to continue, allowing corn and wheat exports from Ukraine to poor African countries like Sudan and Somalia, where food shortages are taking their toll. Nobody knows how long this insane war will last. This war may be the megalomaniac Putin’s final wish - restoring the USSR. Or perhaps he simply wishes to be remembered as an underling of Hitler, Stalin, or Mao. If he ever decides to use nuclear weapons, he could set a new world record for the number of people ever killed by one single man - if you can call him that. One thing is certain: his war is causing harm to the Russian people, Ukraine, and other countries around the world.
Interest rates in Asia continue to rise. The International Monetary Fund predicts that Asia’s economic growth will slow dramatically in the coming years as more debt accumulates in both the public and private sectors. The re-election of Xi Jinping, who, ironically, is still referred to as a president rather than a dictator, has eroded foreign investors’ confidence in Chinese stocks. Because of Xi’s reelection, Baidu, Alibaba, Nio, and many other US-listed Chinese stocks are now crashing to the ground.
The world appears to be at war right now, pitting democracy and freedom against totalitarian regimes like Russia and China, both of which are now clearly led by morons. Putin and Xi appear to be brothers from another mother, as both have altered their countries’ legislation to ensure their continued rule (typical dictator behavior). What happens next is difficult to predict, but hopefully, things will cool down soon. Not by nuclear winter, preferably.
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