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DDIntel - Musk, Trump Dystopia, and Global Narratives

DDIntel - Musk, Trump Dystopia, and Global Narratives
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #57 • View online

Elon Musk fired left and right after being forced to buy Twitter on October 27 this year, removing several top executives on the first day and then firing nearly 50% of the total Twitter “population.” He almost appears to be irritated that he was forced to sign the previous agreement. That’s why he’s now going full dictator on Twitter, changing the company’s structure and laying off employees left and right. He even completely disbanded the company’s R&D department. He is now attempting to implement a “Blue check” policy, under which Twitter users will be charged $8 per month for the “privilege” of using the previously free platform.
This is Elon’s strategy for turning the company profitable: laying off 50% of the workforce and charging Twitter users $8 per month. He may be successful in making Twitter more profitable, but he has certainly lost the people’s favor after revealing his true face and going full dictator mode.
On a different note, the US midterm elections are still ongoing, with Democrats leading the Senate by one seat and Republicans leading the House by nine (at the time of this writing). The House is almost certain to be Republican-led, which will greatly benefit Trump and his supporters. During the Covid19 crisis, Trump’s America appeared to be a dystopia, with the former president telling people that drinking bleach would get you rid of the disease - which actually put people in danger and hurt some of his supporters. Then there was the attack on the capitol on January 6, last year, which killed five people and injured dozens more.
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