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DDIntel - Play to Earn, Digital Currency Expansion and the Economics of Physics





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DDIntel - Play to Earn, Digital Currency Expansion and the Economics of Physics
By DataDrivenInvestor • Issue #28 • View online
In previous issues of DDIntel, we have provided an in-depth analysis of NFTs and how they are disrupting industries such as gaming. The concept of play to earn is one area of the Blockchain that will change gaming. Play to earn is a relatively new concept that has taken prominence in the gaming sector. 
The decentralization of blockchain effectively puts power into the hands of gamers, giving them complete control of in-game assets, such as NFTs. Providing players with the ability to manage their assets means that they can sell their in-game investments and rewards to others, enabling them to earn while they play. 
One game that uses this model is Axie Infinity, an incredibly popular game in the Philippines. The idea of play to earn has especially taken off in Asia, with many earning an income from the gameplay model. Due to the lucrative opportunities presented by these games, many have begun adopting play to earn within their own games. Such games include Star Atlas, a sci-fi MMO that uses the Solana blockchain. 
This issue of DDIntel will cover play to earn in more detail and provide information on the next big thing in gaming, Star Atlas. We will also cover other interesting topics such as the economics of physics, CBDCs, and our education system.

Expert Highlight
Tendai Tomu is the co-founder of Blockwood Capital, a Blockchain advisory investment firm. 
Blockwood capital focuses on cryptocurrency growth and adoption. Tendai is an expert in the Blockchain sector. He can help your business incorporate blockchain. You can book a DDIChat session with him today by clicking this link.
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The top 3 Crypto Gaming Guilds & the future of Play-To-Earn games | by Henrique Centieiro | Feb, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
For many earning an income while playing games would seem like a dream come true. But this may just become a reality with the play to earn gaming models gaining momentum within gaming circles. It is widely considered that play to earn originated in the Philippines. People in Asia, specifically Indonesia and the Philippines, can make a living off of play to earn games, like Axie Infinity. Thus, play to earn is not changing gaming at its core but the industry’s economics. Often gamers have been burnt by predatory monetization policies in mainstream games, play to earn, on the other hand, offers a breath of fresh air for gamers. Henrique Centieiro dives into what play to earn is, gaming guilds and what the future holds for gaming.
Star Atlas: This Could Be a Milestone in the Gaming Industry | by Maximilian Perkmann | Feb, 2022 | DataDrivenInvestor
Star Atlas is one of the biggest NFT games currently on the market. Star Atlas is an upcoming space MMO that is looking to take the gaming world by storm. On Twitter, the game has amassed a huge following of over 300,000 Twitter followers and has become one of the most well known NFT titles due to its high brow, quality set of NFTs. In short, Star Atlas is a strategy game that merges both Blockchain and SciFi gameplay. The game runs off the Solana blockchain and is a triple-A gameplay experience unlike any other. Maximilian Perkmann dives into more detail about the Solana based game. If you are interested in NFT gaming and want to get involved, Star Atlas might be the game for you.
Central Banks Will Issue Digital Currencies | DataDrivenInvestor
With the rise of cryptocurrency, its adoption and the development of online banking, currency is becoming more and more digital. Banks are starting to adopt cryptocurrencies and introduce new ones, like the central bank digital currency (CBDC’s). Mike Hassaballa explains more about what a CBDC is and how it may change the world of finance for good. He also compares CBDC and cryptocurrencies, analyzing how they stack up against one another. Furthermore, he also gives detail on how CBDC may reduce the impact of financial crises and how this may balance against the risks commonly associated with financial markets.
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